Podcast Marketing Strategy - Grow your podcast with these podcast growth tips.

5 Podcast Marketing Strategies For Getting in Front of New Listeners

Looking to grow your podcast audience? Proven podcast marketing strategies to attract new listeners.
Podcast launch strategy with podcast coach Danielle Desir. Dr. Brandi Sinkfield case study.

Podcast Launch Case Study: How Podcast Coaching Helped Dr. Brandi Sinkfield Confidently Launch Women’s Digital Health Podcast in Three Months

Discover how coaching helped Dr. Brandi Sinkfield conquer podcasting fears and successfully launch Women’s Digital Health in just three months.
Podcast tools to promote my podcast. How to promote my podcast.

12 Must-Have Podcast Tools To Grow Your Podcast and Income

Discover the essential podcasting tools to effectively promote and grow your show. Free and paid options included.
Podcast SEO Tips by Podcast Marketing Coach - Danielle Desir Corbett

Improve Podcast Ranking, Boost Discoverability, and Revenue with Podcast SEO

Discover the game-changing impact of podcast SEO on the growth of your show and income, and ways you can work smarter.
Podcast growth with podcast coaching with Danielle Desir Corbett. How to grow a podcast, build authority, and thought leadership.

Podcast Coaching Case Study: Deneen L. Garrett Navigates Podcast Growth Faster and Confidently Seizes More Opportunities

How Deneen L. Garrett gained confidence, grew faster, and seized more opportunities with coaching.
Show notes for podcasts - what are podcast show notes and how to write podcast show notes.

6 Common Show Notes For Podcast Mistakes (And How To Fix Them Quickly)

Improve your show notes by avoiding these common mistakes and implementing my quick and effective fixes.
2024 Podcasting trends and podcast marketing strategies.

2024 Podcasting Trends and Marketing Strategies For Indie Podcasts

Stay ahead of the game with these 2024 podcasting trends and marketing predictions for maximum visibility and growth.
Podcast Coaching For Leaders Case Study: Kyla Denanyoh - From 100 to 700 downloads per episode with podcast marketing coach Danielle Desir Corbett.

Podcast Coaching For Leaders Case Study: From 100 to 700 Downloads Per Episode With Kyla Denanyoh

How Kyla Denanyoh grew "You Are A Lawyer" from 100 downloads per episode to 700 in less than a year and started a podcast launch and management business with the support of one-on-one coaching from Danielle Desir Corbett.
How to get podcast sponsors. A guide for podcast sponsorships.

A Simple Guide To Attract Podcast Sponsors Like a Pro

Securing brand deals and getting podcast sponsors is a lucrative revenue model worth exploring. It’ll take lots of hard work, experimenting, and learning new skills, but the potential and opportunities for growth are limitless!
Black Friday Deals For Podcasters.

2023 Black Friday Deals For Podcasters: 23+ Amazing Deals To Save Big

Save big on everything you need to grow your podcast. These Black Friday Deals won't last long!
How to get sponsors for your podcast. Podcast monetization strategy.

How To Get Sponsors For Your Podcast: 5 Mindset Shifts You Need To Win Sponsorships

Stop stressing about downloads. While stats are an important metric, here are some other important things you need to know to secure podcast sponsors.
Tips for hosting a successful podcast with Danielle Desir Corbett.

5 Lessons From 5 Years of Building a Successful Podcast

I recently celebrated 5 years of podcasting. Lessons learned for becoming a prolific podcaster.
Podcast sponsorship myths and how to push through them to make more as podcasters.

5 Podcast Sponsorship Myths Holding You Back From Monetizing Your Show

Contrary to popular belief, podcast sponsorships aren't limited to large podcasts or only about downloads.
Make money podcasting - How to make money from podcast.

Ditch CPM Advertising: Make Money Podcasting Even With a Small Audience With Michelle Jackson – Episode 8

Tired of relying on advertising to monetize your podcast? Michelle Jackson shares how to make money podcasting aligned with your values.
Promote old podcast episode - podcast marketing strategies

6 Ways to Promote Old Podcast Episodes and Boost Downloads

Attract new listeners and increase podcast downloads by promoting old podcast episodes with these proven podcast marketing strategies.
How to grow your podcast with podcast collab opportunities.
Time management for podcasters: tips for balancing podcasting with a full-time job with Bianca Alba.

Balancing Podcasting With a Full-Time Job With Bianca Alba From ‘This Latina Travels’ – Episode 7

Time management tips for busy podcasters with a full-time job.
Marketing a podcast with a podcast marketing plan.

How To Create a Podcast Marketing Plan That Works For You

The importance of having a podcast marketing plan, the difference between a podcast marketing plan and podcast marketing strategy, and tips for creating a holistic plan that takes into account the unique aspects of your podcast and your strengths as a creator.
Raise your prices and raise your rates.

How To Effectively Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients – Episode 6

Discover how four entrepreneurs achieved the confidence to raise their prices while remaining true to their business values and goals.
Podcast marketing course by Danielle Desir Corbett. Learn how to marketing a podcast with a 3-part podcast marketing strategy.

Expand Your Podcast’s Reach With This Podcast Marketing Course

Learn how to promote your podcast and get long-term results with this podcast marketing course.
The benefits of working with a podcast marketing coach 1:1.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Work with a Podcast Marketing Coach

Benefits of working with a podcast marketing coach and how they can help you accomplish your goals.

How To Start a Podcast With No Audience: What I’d Do Differently

What I’d do differently five years later if launching a new podcast and growing an audience.
Media kit for podcasts: what to include in media kits to attract brands.

6 Common Media Kit For Podcasts Mistakes To Avoid (And What To Do Instead)

Typical podcast media kit mistakes and guidance on ways to avoid them and position your show for success.
Podcast sponsorship pricing for smaller podcasts.

Podcast Sponsorship Pricing: 6 Reasons Why Podcasters With Smaller Shows Should Negotiate Flat Rate Sponsorships

Reasons why smaller shows should price using flat fee sponsorships over CPM.
Roshni Baronia shares how to leverage podcasts as a coach or consultant.

Leveraging Podcasting To Promote Your Coaching Business and Sign More Clients With Roshni Baronia – Episode 5

Leverage podcasting as a coach or consultant. How to convert listeners to paying clients, growing your coaching business.
Podcast marketing strategies.
Facebook ad strategy for podcasts with Stacy Reed Zeal.

Creating a Facebook Ad Strategy To Grow Your Podcast and Scale Your Business with Stacy Reed – Episode 4

Should podcasters harness the power of Facebook ads to grow their podcasts and businesses? Listen to this episode to find out what Stacy Reed has to say.
Habits of high-growth podcasters.

6 Greatest Habits of High-Growth Podcasters

Habits of high-growth podcasters, who are committed to their show, clear on their goals, and take consistent action towards achieving them.
How to grow a paid newsletter.

I’ve Grown My Newsletter to 2,900 Subscribers — Here Are My Favorite Paid Newsletter Growth Strategies

Paid newsletter growth hacks that helped me gain 400 paid subscribers in less than 18 months.
Headphones and Crayons, CEO Nikita Burks-Hale how to boost creativity by coloring.

How Coloring Can Foster Creativity and Build Community with Nikita Burks-Hale – Episode 3

How coloring can increase calm and unlock your creativity.
How to improve podcast media. What to include in podcast media to land podcast sponsorships.

5 Insider Tips To Improve Your Podcast Media Kit (And What Brands Want To See)

Ways to improve your podcast media kit to boost efficiency, eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth and secure lucrative podcast sponsorships.
Tips for hosting a bilingual podcast with Jen Hemphill.

Hosting a Bilingual Podcast in Spanish (Or Any Language) With Latina Money Expert Jen Hemphill – Episode 2

Jen Hemphill, a proud Latina, shares how to create a bilingual podcast where you speak multiple languages.
Grow a podcast - tasks to complete for podcast growth.

4 Proven Tasks To Put On Your Calendar To Grow a Podcast (That Actually Work)

Growing a podcast audience takes planning and effort. To grow…
How to get podcast sponsorships and get podcast sponsors with Debbie Arcangeles.

How To Get Podcast Sponsorships With Debbie Arcangeles: 5 Steps To Work With Brands – Episode 1

How to attract brands to work with you and secure podcast sponsorships with podcast coach Debbie Arcangeles.
Brand Deal Wizard Review: Sponsorship Course Reviews

Brand Deal Wizard Review: How I Monetize With Podcast Sponsorships

My honest review of Brand Deal Wizard course with Justin Moore, the sponsorship coach.
Podthon '22: From Podcasting Hobbyist to Podprenuer

Podcasters, Discover Money Making Opportunities at Podthon

Making money as a podcaster isn’t always straightforward, especially if you have a smaller audience, but it is possible. At Podthon, we'll show you how!
How to land paid brand deals and sponsorships with Brand Deal Wizard by Justin Moore

Why I Joined Brand Deal Wizard As A Podcaster: The 4-Week Sponsorships Course

Wanting more consistent, long-term brand deals, here’s why I joined Justin Moore’s sponsorship course, Brand Deal Wizard.
Podcast Show Notes Summit Speaker Danielle Desir

Speaking At Podcast Show Notes Summit: How To Create Epic Episode Titles

Your podcast episode titles may be pushing listeners away from your show.
The Future of Audio in Travel - How Audio is Impacting the Travel Industry

Speaking At WITS Week: Weighing in On The Future of Audio in Travel

Let's discuss how content creators and marketers can incorporate audio and sounds into their travel stories.
How to find beta readers for non-fiction books

How To Find Beta Readers

Beta readers can offer critical feedback that will improve your book. Here's how to find beta readers for non-fiction books by indie authors.
Read Managing Your Money As A New Homeowner Chapter

Read Chapter of Managing Your Money As A New Homeowner

Are you a new or aspiring homeowner? Learn how to better manage your money as a new homeowner with the tips and lessons shared in this book!
Spotify Playlist to Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic

Listen To The ‘Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic’ Playlist

Listen to the Spotify playlist that accompanies 'Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic' a travel planning guide for local getaways during the pandy.
Traveling With A Full-Time Job Book Release Party Danielle Desir and Eugenie George

Book Launch Party! Celebrating the Release of Traveling With A Full-Time Job & Our Money Stories

Join Danielle Desir and Eugenie George on Thursday, November 12th for their book launch party celebrating the release of Our Money Stories and Traveling With A Full-Time job.
Danielle Desir speaker at International Podcast Day 2020.

Speaking At International Podcast Day 2020

Held annually on September 30th, I shared my signature talk – how being a featured guest on a series of podcasts is a great way to build your brand, audience, and promote your products and services.
Podfest Master Class Online Summit Tips For Self-Published Authors

Self-Publishing Tips I Learned At Podfest Master Class

Three things I learned about self-publishing by attending Podfest Master Class Online Summit.
Best tools for authors by Danielle Desir.

My Favorite Tools For Indie Authors

A list of my favorite tools for authors to write, market, and publish their books including Draft2Digital, Book Brush, and more.
How Omoruyi (Omo) Osagiede travels with a full-time job.

Tips For Traveling With A Full-Time Job Bonus Interviews with Omo Osagiede and Nicole Brewer

Learn how Omoruyi Omo Osagiede and Nicole Brewer find time to travel the world with day jobs, their favorite weekend getaways, and more.
Free Chapter of Affording Travel by Danielle Desir

Read Free Chapter of Affording Travel: Saving Strategies For Financially Savvy Travelers

Instead of teaching you how to save for one trip, in this book, learn how to save for many trips thus fueling a travel abundant lifestyle.
Acquania Escarne is a business travel expert sharing how to take advantage of business travel perks.

Business Travel With Acquania Escarne, A Chapter Not Included in Traveling With A Full-Time Job

Acquania Escarne shares her favorite travel tips for business travel as well as how to plan for leisure travel during a business trip.
Tips for traveling with a career by author Danielle Desir

Read Free Chapter of New Book, Traveling With A Full-Time Job

Enjoy the introduction chapter of my new book Traveling With A Full-Time Job here.