Danielle Desir speaker at International Podcast Day 2020.

Speaking At International Podcast Day 2020

Held annually on September 30th, I shared my signature talk – how being a featured guest on a series of podcasts is a great way to build your brand, audience, and promote your products and services.
Podfest Master Class Online Summit Tips For Self-Published Authors

Self-Publishing Tips I Learned At Podfest Master Class

Three things I learned about self-publishing by attending Podfest Master Class Online Summit.
Best tools for authors by Danielle Desir.

My Favorite Tools For Indie Authors

A list of my favorite tools for authors to write, market, and publish their books including Draft2Digital, Book Brush, and more.
How Omoruyi (Omo) Osagiede travels with a full-time job.

Tips For Traveling With A Full-Time Job Bonus Interviews with Omo Osagiede and Nicole Brewer

Learn how Omoruyi Omo Osagiede and Nicole Brewer find time to travel the world with day jobs, their favorite weekend getaways, and more.
Free Chapter of Affording Travel by Danielle Desir

Read Free Chapter of Affording Travel: Saving Strategies For Financially Savvy Travelers

Instead of teaching you how to save for one trip, in this book, learn how to save for many trips thus fueling a travel abundant lifestyle.
Acquania Escarne is a business travel expert sharing how to take advantage of business travel perks.

Business Travel With Acquania Escarne, A Chapter Not Included in Traveling With A Full-Time Job

Acquania Escarne shares her favorite travel tips for business travel as well as how to plan for leisure travel during a business trip.
Tips for traveling with a career by author Danielle Desir

Read Free Chapter of New Book, Traveling With A Full-Time Job

Enjoy the introduction chapter of my new book Traveling With A Full-Time Job here.