Spotify Playlist to Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic

Listen To The ‘Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic’ Playlist

The playlist to my newest release Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic is here! Check out the variety of songs I loved listening to while writing this book. Songs range from hip-hop to electronic dance music.

Fun Fact: I wrote this book during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November.

Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic is a travel planning guide for U.S.-based travelers looking to navigate the complexities of traveling locally during the pandemic. Between social distancing, wearing masks, enhanced cleaning procedures, and changing state guidelines and restrictions, discover the lessons I learned along the way as I planned several close-to-home getaways.

From emerging travel trends to key factors to consider when picking a hotel or vacation rental, this book will prepare you for what’s ahead when you are ready to start traveling locally again.

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Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic Playlist

Click on any of the songs to play or click on the Spotify logo on the top right corner to open the web player.

Planning Local Trips During A Pandemic is available at Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.

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