Podcast Coaching For Leaders Case Study: Kyla Denanyoh - From 100 to 700 downloads per episode with podcast marketing coach Danielle Desir Corbett.

Podcast Coaching For Leaders Case Study: From 100 to 700 Downloads Per Episode With Kyla Denanyoh

Kyla Denanyoh grew “You Are A Lawyer” to 700 downloads per episode in less than a year, working with podcast marketing coach Danielle Desir Corbett and starting a podcast launch and management business. Working with a podcast coach can make a world of difference for podcasters at all levels. A podcast coach can help you gain clarity, create a strategy, optimize your content, and improve all aspects of your show, from production and promotion to monetization. Today, I’m joined by Kyla Denanyoh, a lawyer, podcast strategist, and host of the “You Are A Lawyer Podcast.” Wanting to grow her show, I helped her increase her listenership from 100 downloads per episode to over 700 in less than a year. We implemented long-term marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO), and retitled 80 episodes together. Kyla revamped her media kit, confidently pitched sponsors, and secured launch clients for her podcast management business, “Skip the Boring Stuff.” Throughout working together, Kyla and I celebrated many successes. I challenged her with difficult questions, assigned plenty of homework, and she took massive action – the results speak for themselves. I’m incredibly proud of her growth, and I’m excited for you to learn about her transformation in this case study. Learn about Kyla Denanyoh’s experience with my signature one-on-one podcast coaching for leaders program and the valuable lessons she learned.

Kyla Denanyoh’s Strategic Podcast Marketing Makeover

About Kyla Denanyoh 

Kyla Denanyoh hosts “You Are a Lawyer,” a podcast where she interviews lawyers who have taken risks in their careers. She started the podcast in April 2020 after taking a risk herself. Kyla noticed that lawyers are not typically considered trendsetters, but she wanted to challenge this narrative and provide inspiring examples of ambitious lawyers living extraordinary lives. 

Her podcast is based on interviews and promotes lawyers who have made fearless career changes and pursued ambitious side hustles. Whether leaving their legal job to start a food truck or opening their own law firm, Kyla’s podcast showcases the creativity and curiosity of every lawyer.

Have a listen to learn more.

In November 2022, Kyla began working with me. At that time, she had an established podcast with lots of content. She had a clear workflow and was ahead of schedule with her content production and release schedule. She had some success with sponsorships but needed a repeatable system. She was trying to figure out what to do next but felt stuck. Although Kyla was doing many things right, her audience growth had plateaued, and her rates were too low to sustain her work.

Alongside her podcast, Kyla also runs a business called “Skip the Boring Stuff,” which helps people start their own podcasts and focus on storytelling. Kyla assists with launching and managing their podcasts, allowing individuals to recommit to being the talent, while she handles the behind-the-scenes tasks, like communicating with guests and writing episode notes.

To help Kyla reach her full potential, I split her customized podcast coaching for leaders program into two sections. The first half focused exclusively on audience growth, and the second half focused on monetization.

Results From Long-term Strategic Marketing

One key takeaway from Kyla’s success is the importance of long-term strategic marketing.

Initially, Kyla had a limited understanding of what marketing entailed. She believed marketing was solely advertising and promoting products and services through social media or advertisements. Since she did not have any products or services, she did not know how to effectively promote her show and find new listeners. 

Podcast marketing is more than selling; it’s about discovery, building a distinct brand, creating valuable content, and regularly attracting new listeners. 

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Here are some of the podcast marketing strategies we utilized.

Marketing Strategy #1: Leveraging SEO

We first focused on search engine optimization (SEO), specifically adding keywords in episode titles to improve discoverability. Kyla also leveraged her podcast show notes, providing more content on her website for people to engage with.

Kyla Denanoh: “I would be lucky to have 100 words on my episode notes. Now, I average about 725 words, so there is more content for people to find.”

Helpful Tip: Struggling with how to format your podcast show notes? Grab my podcast show notes templates here.  

Don’t have a podcast website yet? Podpage will help you create a podcast-friendly website. No tech skills are required. 

After updating a handful of episode titles, Kyla went on vacation. During her trip to Paris, she started to see a spike in downloads that did not result from posting on social media, emailing her list, or devoting any time to her show. The strategies we were implementing were working fast!

Marketing Strategy #2: Releasing More Frequently

Increasing Kyla’s episode release frequency from biweekly to weekly resulted in more searchable content and faster growth.

Marketing Strategy #3: Updating Podcast Cover Art

Lastly, Kyla decided to strengthen her brand by making a small adjustment to her podcast’s cover art. She added her face to the design, which enhanced her connection with her listeners and gave her a stronger sense of ownership over the show. This change also helped her gain the trust and credibility of her audience of lawyers and law students.

Kyla Denanyoh: “What I learned about marketing is that you have to play the long game instead of the short game.”

Kyla successfully implemented a multi-layered podcast marketing strategy. By increasing her publishing schedule, optimizing it for discoverability on podcasting apps and Google, and updating her visuals to create a stronger brand presence, she was able to attract more listeners with less effort. It’s important to note that podcast marketing involves several strategies beyond social media that can lead to long-lasting results. Following my guidance, Kyla achieved her goals and continues to build a loyal following.

Building Confidence & Charging More 

Despite successfully securing podcast sponsors, Kyla faced challenges setting her rates, charging her first sponsor $140 for ads on 16 episodes. 

Kyla Denanyoh: “Sponsorships are easy in theory but very difficult to implement. And I remember being like, oh, this will be so great. Danielle is going to give me a gold star. And you gave me a couple of compliments, but you were like, let’s look at these 27 other things.”

Through coaching (and reading business books), Kyla understood what she could offer brand partners and how to reach out to potential podcast launch and management clients. She identified her target audience and fine-tuned her prices accordingly. By doing so, she attracted more clients who recognized the value of her services and were willing to pay her rates. 

To confidently increase your rates, it’s crucial to reflect on your skills and assess your position in the market. Working with a podcast coach who offers personalized guidance and accountability can help you better understand your worth, advocate for yourself, and overcome self-doubt in a supportive and secure space.

Kyla recommends reading these books to improve your business mindset and acumen:

Tips For Working With a Podcast Coach 

Firstly, Kyla recommends choosing a coach who aligns with your goals and values. Secondly, prepare for the work involved. Simply attending a few sessions will not yield results. Action steps are crucial for growth and progress.

Kyla Denanyoh: “When working with a podcast coach, have high expectations, but also challenge your commitment level before you actually start. Your success has everything to do with you and your commitment level when you start. You have to decide what you want out of it.”

Kyla Denanyoh’s incredible journey, from 100 to 700 downloads per episode, is a testament to the transformative impact of podcast coaching for leaders. Her inspiring success story vividly illustrates how strategic marketing and a commitment to long-term growth can yield remarkable results.

Beyond expanding her audience, Kyla has crafted a unique brand promoting lawyers and even ventured into podcast management. The tangible benefits of partnering with a seasoned podcast coach are undeniable. So, if you’re ready to propel your podcasting journey to new heights, consider investing in yourself and your goals.

Having worked with a diverse range of podcasters, from passionate hobbyists to seasoned thought leaders, like wedding planning, nursing, travel, community organizing, and public speaking, I’ve witnessed firsthand the power of tailored coaching in achieving podcasting goals. 

If you’re eager to amplify your reach, enhance visibility, and boost your podcast’s revenue potential, I invite you to work with me. Take the first step by completing the application here. If your goals align with my expertise, we can start with a comprehensive podcast audit, personalized one-on-one coaching and ongoing support.

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