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Podcast Coaching Case Study: Deneen L. Garrett Navigates Podcast Growth Faster and Confidently Seizes More Opportunities

Deneen L. Garrett grew “Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation” to 5,000 downloads a year, working with podcast marketing coach Danielle Desir Corbett, and became a highly sought-after Live a Dream Lifestyle speaker. What would it take to level up your podcast? Deneen L. Garrett wanted her show to propel her into speaking opportunities around the world. She set a goal to become an international paid speaker within a year, and she recently shared with me that she was able to achieve this. Let’s explore the impact of personalized podcast growth coaching and how I assisted Deneen in improving the ranking of her show in podcast searches, aligning its focus with her coaching and speaking business, and ultimately enabling her to make a greater impact on her community.

Deneen L. Garrett is a women’s empowerment speaker, Live a Dream Lifestyle coach, and host of “Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation.” Deneen is an emerging art curator who enjoys traveling. On her women’s empowerment podcast, she shares stories of overcoming and living a dream life. Follow “Women of Color: An Intimate Conversation” on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or watch on YouTube.

Feeling stagnant, Deneen contacted me for podcast coaching because she wanted to grow her show and leverage her platform to pursue other opportunities.

Deneen L. Garrett: “You are the gift that continues to give. So it definitely was not just that five or six months of working together. It’s gone well beyond that. Your podcast is what you can tap into to talk to people and share with people about your coaching. The podcast is a way to demonstrate your speaking ability and whatnot. And so, again, that’s the beauty of coaching because you can see things that we are not seeing. You can pull things together that we’re not necessarily thinking about. It’s like everything is out there. It’s within our reach, but we’re not necessarily grabbing it. And that’s where you come in.”

Deneen had been podcasting for three years and had gained 5,000 downloads. Despite putting in a lot of hard work, she wasn’t seeing the results she desired. However, after working together, she gained an additional 5,000 podcast downloads in just one year. Coaching helped her to save two years of work, and the impact of her accomplishments is only growing with time.

Podcast Coaching Success Story: Podcast Growth Strategy For Speakers

1. Moving to a robust podcast host for data and analytics

Early on, I encouraged Deneen to invest in podcast hosting. Transitioning from free to paid, she could access improved metrics and noticed she was building a large international audience. That move allowed Deneen to track the performance of her podcast more effectively and engage with her global audience.

Deneen L. Garrett: “Bangladesh is my number one international audience. Number two is India, which I get because I’ve had Indian guests. Number three is Spain. Same with that. I’ve had guests from Spain, but it’s like, I don’t know anybody in Bangladesh, right? I love that they’re number one. So it’s fun to see when I’m looking at those metrics, like, OK, who’s tapping in and from where?”

Today, Deneen makes it a point to shout out her listeners from specific countries and, whenever possible, find guests from those regions, further diversifying her content, expanding her network, and attracting new listeners.

2. Ranking higher in podcast search results

Today, Deneen’s show ranks Top 2 for the search terms “Women of Color” and “WOC” in Apple Podcasts. This was intentional.

Before working together, Deneen changed the name of her show to better optimize for search. We further cemented her ranking by improving her podcast description using my proven framework.

Today, Deneen benefits from searches on podcast players daily, yet another way she is able to grow her show without relying on social media.

3. Growing thought leadership and authority

Deneen’s coaching experience empowered her to step out of her comfort zone and record solo episodes to intentionally build authority and thought leadership. For anyone who wants to make a name for themselves in their industry, solo episodes are key to standing out and showcasing your expertise.

Deneen showed her dedication to releasing her distinctive 4-part “Live A Dream Lifestyle” series, even though she had some initial hesitations. This demonstrates the importance of taking action and how I encourage my coaching clients to step out of their comfort zones to drive results.

4. Branding and website development

With the goal of growing her speaker profile, Deneen’s focus evolved beyond podcasting to encompass building her personal brand and website.

Deneen L. Garrett: “One of the main things we worked on was my website. And you went through it. You were like, OK, how about here? And think about this. And then, as far as your photos, you want high res and all those type of things. And I’m very pleased with my website. As a matter of fact, someone thought I was a website creator.”

With a fine tooth comb, we refined Deneen’s website, strengthened her messaging, upgraded her show notes, and she grew an appreciation for writing (just a little more 😉).

Save time writing your podcast show notes and stop second-guessing formatting with my podcast show notes template. Click to download and see the difference it can make!

3. Attracting and seizing opportunities

Deneen L. Garrett: “I’m going to London, and I’m speaking. And so much of this is because you gave me permission to submit, seek opportunities, and go for it.”

Throughout working together, Deneen masterfully attracted and manifested opportunities. Whenever possible, I plugged her into my network and made introductions on her behalf. Boldly putting herself out there, she secured more speaking opportunities and applied for more grants and awards than before. Deneen was invited to speak on a panel at Podcast Movement Evolutions and lead a workshop at Black Podcasters Association, to name a few.

Deneen L. Garrett: “I’m a women’s empowerment speaker, and you came with opportunities. You are definitely a person who speaks about us in rooms we’re not in, right? And you’re true to that. And I love that about you. You were sending emails, OK, I have this for you. I have that for you. And that’s great, right? So, like I said, you went beyond. I feel like you go beyond. When people are working with you, they are getting so much.”

Deneen honed her speaker pitch, polished her speaker one sheet, pursued every introduction, embraced new opportunities, and expanded her network through speaking engagements and collaborations.

As Deneen says, “A lot of our time together was you pushing me.”

Occasionally, I host mastermind calls for my current coaching clients and alumni. Attending these sessions, Deneen collaborated with several of my other podcast coaching clients, including interviewing Kyla Denanyoh. Listen to that episode here!

Click here to read Kyla Denanyoh’s podcast coaching success story.

Podcast Growth Coaching Key Takeaways

By embracing challenges, facing fears, and making bold moves, Deneen continued to achieve her goals, aspirations, and wildest dreams, even after working together. Her decision to invest in podcast coaching transformed her podcast and enriched her personal and professional life in ways she probably did not expect.

With a renewed sense of purpose and direction, Deneen looks towards the future with excitement and determination, ready to embrace new opportunities that come her way. She’s currently writing a book, which I’m so excited to read when it’s published.

Deneen’s podcasting journey shows us how personalized one-on-one coaching can unlock our fuller potential and shape our path toward success and fulfillment in less time than going at it alone.

If you are a podcaster who wants more out of your show and wants to build the confidence to attract and seize bigger opportunities, I invite you to learn about my one-on-one coaching program and apply to work with me.

Click on this link to book a complimentary discovery call, and let’s discuss your goals and how I can support you.

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