Podcast launch strategy with podcast coach Danielle Desir. Dr. Brandi Sinkfield case study.

Podcast Launch Case Study: How Podcast Coaching Helped Dr. Brandi Sinkfield Confidently Launch Women’s Digital Health Podcast in Three Months

Discover how podcast coaching helped Dr. Brandi Sinkfield conquer podcasting fears and successfully launch Women’s Digital Health in just three months. Launching a podcast can be daunting, especially for those new to the medium. While articles, video tutorials, and even podcasts can provide valuable podcast launch information, working with a coach can help you navigate the overwhelming moments and provide guidance to move forward. With the right guidance and support, the possibilities are endless.

Today, I want to share how my client, Dr. Brandi Sinkfield, invested in podcast coaching and successfully launched Women’s Digital Health within three months. A year ago, Dr. Brandi Sinkfield hesitated to step into podcasting, feeling overwhelmed by the unknown. However, with the personalized guidance and support she received through coaching, she found relief and gained the confidence to move forward.

Working together, Dr. Brandi Sinkfield confidently navigated the complexities of content creation and built the foundations of her show. She focused on defining her message, creating content around specific pillars, and simplifying the valuable knowledge she wanted to share.

Podcast coaching can help you navigate the overwhelming process of starting a podcast. Whether you’re looking to launch your own podcast or seek guidance in content creation, branding, or audience engagement, this case study emphasizes the value of podcast coaching and achieving tangible results.

Dr. Brandi Sinkfield’s Podcast Launch Plan and Strategy

About Dr. Brandi Sinkfield

Dr. Brandi Sinkfield is a board-certified anesthesiologist. She was inspired by her mother, a registered nurse who graduated with a degree in information technology. Growing up, she experienced the lack of transparency, shame, and secrecy surrounding women’s health and body confidence, driving her to imagine a pathway for her daughter and other women to access information that empowers them.

Today, Women’s Digital Health is shaping the conversation around digital transformation in healthcare. Explore innovative digital health solutions that address mental health, fertility, sexual health, weight loss, and more. Each episode features in-depth discussions with experts in the field, sharing their insights and advice. This podcast is for women who are noticing gaps in their healthcare experience and those interested in knowing more about convenient and accessible healthcare technologies.

Listen to learn more.

Connect with Dr. Brandi Sinkfield

Website: womensdigitalhealth.com

Instagram: @womensdigitalhealth

YouTube: @womensdigitalhealth

Why did you invest in coaching versus taking a course or working with a podcast manager or launch strategist?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: The honest truth is I was very hesitant to even start a podcast. I felt like it was unknown territory. I knew nothing about podcasting, but I admired podcasters and listened to a lot of podcasts. As I considered launching a podcast, it put me in a completely different frame of mind where I had to create content. I looked at blogs, but there was just so much that articles and even other podcasts could do for me.

There were nuances to creating a podcast. There’s a lot of snags, and you need that human interaction to say, “Hey, is this right?” “Is this okay?” You don’t get that from articles.

Also, launching a podcast can be overwhelming. There are multiple steps involved, from creating content to understanding the technical aspects like podcast editing and strategizing.

Coaching helped me navigate those overwhelming moments in a way that meant I was heading in the right direction.

For instance, the feedback I received on my podcast description and cover art was invaluable, significantly improving my show’s appeal and clarity.

What are the key areas we focused on while working together?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: The main part of getting your show to market is getting clarity around your messaging. I had so many ideas. There were so many areas of health I wanted to focus on. I really appreciated your guidance on narrowing that down into four basic concepts. This process of defining my message was empowering, as it allowed me to simplify and break down the knowledge I wanted to share in a way that was easy for listeners to understand.

While working together, we exchanged a lot of feedback. How involved do you feel I was as your podcast coach?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: Danielle, you were super hands-on.

A lot of it was like, what do you think about this?

Everything from the picture for the podcast cover art to the podcast title matters when putting out a message, attracting a target audience, and building a brand. 

You don’t know what to look for when you’re new to podcasting. Having someone to bounce ideas off was super helpful.

What has been the feedback from your audience since you launched Women’s Digital Health Podcast?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: Oh, my gosh. It’s been amazing. The sense of accomplishment and pride in the successful launch of my podcast has been truly motivating.

Honestly, when you put something out there, you have no idea. It’s raw. 

You’re putting your heart out there and don’t know how people will respond.

After I incorporated the podcast into my newsletter, people have been eagerly anticipating episodes. The excitement and engagement from the audience have made this journey even more rewarding. I constantly get text messages and DMs.

I’m starting to get emails about speaking opportunities that I would have never imagined I would get less than a year ago.

I’m so very thankful I have a platform to speak to women’s health issues.

Not only am I giving information, but I’m also learning so much as I create this content.

Keyword research is one of the areas we focused on while launching your show. How has SEO (search engine optimization) been instrumental in your ability to create engaging content and grow your audience?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: Keyword research has been key to helping me build out episodes.

Although I start with the content I’m interested in sharing, I strategically think about what keywords would best fit the topics discussed and use tools you suggested, like Keysearch. This approach has not only improved the discoverability of my episodes but also helps me better understand my audience’s interests.

Keyword research is a science I’m learning, so I can’t say I’ve mastered it yet, but I’m better able to pick up patterns.

Beyond coaching, how else have I continued to support you?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: Even after our coaching sessions, you’ve introduced me to many people in your community. You’ve also helped me negotiate speaking opportunities.

I definitely feel like my thoughts, in general, are a lot more organized too. In podcasting, you sit down and organize your thoughts, putting them in a way that conveys what you truly mean. This shines through on my platform, in my interactions with others, in my personal relationships, and certainly in my relationships with my patients and others in the medical community.

Podcasting has offered a return on investment, plus dividends that continue to manifest every day.

I’m very grateful for our relationship because it has truly helped me communicate in ways I never thought I could.

What’s next for Women’s Digital Health?

Dr. Brandi Sinkfied: Throughout 2024, we are focusing on more engagement. I want to host more workshops and more Instagram lives. We’re growing quickly on YouTube, too. I want to build and connect with my community to really talk about this big digital transformation that’s happening in healthcare, which is often unspoken. So stay tuned.

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