The benefits of working with a podcast marketing coach 1:1.

Why Now is the Perfect Time to Work with a Podcast Marketing Coach

Let’s explore why investing in a podcast marketing coach can be a game-changer for your podcast’s success. 

Podcasting offers a unique platform to connect with your community and share valuable content. However, growing a podcast and reaching new listeners can be daunting. If you’re feeling stuck or struggling to build an audience, it may be time to consider working with a podcast marketing coach. 

Most of my coaching clients come to me for guidance and support when they realize their show is no longer growing. They’ve reached a plateau and want to learn how to increase their downloads, stand out, and gain visibility. 

My clients wholeheartedly believe in their show and the importance of their work, so, rightfully, they refuse to give up. Yet their current promotion strategy isn’t moving the needle, and if they don’t make a change fast, they jeopardize their show’s longevity.

My coaching clients have tried courses, read books, and attended numerous podcasting conferences. True, they learned a lot, but on their own, they implemented little. Without feedback, they end up making little progress. 

Eager to get unstuck, they work with a podcast marketing coach like me to create a custom podcast marketing plan, build momentum, and expand their reach.  

Slow growth (and no growth) is a silent motivation killer. 

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and struggling with attracting new listeners, here are five benefits to working with a podcast marketing coach.

5 Game-Changing Benefits of Working with a Podcast Marketing Coach

1. Gain expert insights and strategies

A podcast marketing coach brings in-depth knowledge and experience to the table, and they understand the intricacies of podcast promotion, audience engagement, and brand building. Working with a coach gives you access to proven strategies and expert insights tailored to your podcast’s needs. 

Look for a coach who offers a unique viewpoint and stays updated with industry trends, providing you with the most effective podcast marketing strategies and brand positioning perspective. 

With a proven track record, I am constantly experimenting, sharing my findings, and deconstructing the anatomy of a marketable show. I quickly identify (and set) trends, dare to push the envelope, question the status quo, and create frameworks. 

Such as…

Social media doesn’t work for podcasters. Marketing Strategies For Long-term Podcast Growth is my on-the-go audio training program that offers a three-part marketing strategy to help podcasters achieve audience growth. It covers audience targeting, content marketing, and promotion, giving podcasters a holistic approach to growing their shows. It also incorporates real-life case studies and examples. 

2. Personalized approach for podcast success

Each podcast is unique, with its own goals, target audience, and challenges. A podcast marketing coach recognizes this individuality and provides personalized guidance and advice. 

Through podcast audits and goal-setting sessions, I gain a deep understanding of client shows and help them develop a custom marketing plan and strengthen their show’s positioning. This tailored approach ensures their efforts have maximum impact and align with their vision.

These sessions also allow me to get to know them and understand how their show fits into their life and what they hope to achieve. 

From making more money through podcast sponsorships to using their show to establish authority, I work closely with coaching clients to determine what to focus on next and how to grow long-term. 

My experience working with diverse expert professionals includes nurses, wedding planners, lawyers, therapists, physicians, and more.  

3. Empowering podcasters to achieve their dreams

Working with a podcast marketing coach can boost your confidence and clarity around your podcast. Coaches provide support, guidance, and feedback, empowering you to move forward confidently. 

Your motivation will soar as you implement their strategies and see tangible results. The coach’s expertise and encouragement will help you confidently tackle challenges and explore new opportunities.

One of the most significant transformations I’ve seen in my coaching clients is their increased confidence and clarity around their podcasts. 

When we start working together, clients may question themselves, unsure of how to move forward, but by the end, they know what they want and have a list of accomplishments under their belt. 

Equipped with new skills, they’ve doubled or tripled their downloads. They are pitching brands and negotiating sponsorships. They are applying for speaking opportunities and grants; some have even launched new businesses or products. 

4. Collaborative feedback

Unlike self-paced courses or workshops, a podcast marketing coach actively engages with you and is involved in your podcast’s development. They review your work, provide feedback, and suggest improvements. This collaborative process ensures you receive valuable insights and guidance while implementing the recommendations covered in coaching calls.

I’ve helped coaching clients by reviewing pitches, website copy, media kits, podcast descriptions, speaker one-sheets, and other crucial elements for podcast success. 

Often we will go through multiple rounds of edits.

Implementation is a big part of learning, so I assign homework and am open to reviewing whatever a client needs help with. 

My role as a podcast coach is to help my clients become independent thinkers and strategists and not depend on me for results. I teach them the necessary skills and provide resources to help them continue growing their podcast beyond the coaching relationship.

5. Opening doors to podcasting possibilities

Working with a well-connected coach opens doors to new opportunities. They have an extensive network within the podcasting and creator industry, which they can tap into on your behalf. 

They can make introductions and help you creatively leverage your resources.

You can unlock new income streams and expand your podcast’s reach by thinking outside the box and exploring untapped avenues.

Wanting to break into the podcasting speaker circuit, I connected a coaching client to four speaking opportunities while working with me.

Another client, Kyla Denanyoh, started two podcasting businesses while working with me, and she secured multiple clients within a few months. In addition to learning how to market a podcast, she also learned how to market herself as a service provider and professional audio producer, thus creating lucrative income streams to support her family.

Kyla created KD Creative, a boutique agency helping creatives launch podcasts, and Skip the Boring Stuff, a podcast management company supporting busy podcasters clear out their to-do lists and focus on what they love, creating exceptional content and building communities.

As Kyla mentioned in her video, you can have a podcast for several years and never work with a podcast coach, but investing in coaching can be beneficial to accelerating your growth, improving your show, and helping you identify new opportunities.

Your podcasting dreams are within reach, and I’d love the opportunity to support your growth, explore what’s possible and help you take up more space. 

Take the step forward and book a podcast marketing audit. For a limited time, I’m offering a special rate of $997 for a comprehensive podcast audit and goal-setting session. The potential for increased listenership, greater brand position, and monetization far outweigh the costs.

Schedule your consulting session, or if you prefer to work together for an extended time, via my other podcast coaching services apply to work with me 1:1

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