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5 Podcast Marketing Strategies For Getting in Front of New Listeners

Proven tips and actionable podcast marketing strategy to effectively promote and grow your show. A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Mic Check Retreat, a retreat for podcasters hosted by Haylee Gaffin in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This two-day event offered podcasters, both aspiring and seasoned, the time and space to focus on their shows. Plus, the educational and interactive workshops taught us various ways to build authority, improve our recording set-up, and grow our podcast audience.

During the retreat, I had the privilege of not only detailing how to stand out and secure lucrative podcast sponsorships as a speaker but I also joined a panel. In this panel, we shared our experiences and strategies for managing successful shows, covering topics such as content planning, audience engagement, and monetization. Of course, growing a podcast audience was a big part of our conversation.

In particular, how do I attract new listeners for my podcast?

One of the key challenges for podcasters is getting in front of new listeners. While platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify have built-in algorithms that rank and sort shows, they typically favor established podcasts with larger followings and high listener engagement. Spotify, for example, often favors its own exclusive content. While you can submit to get featured on these platforms, most podcasters don’t get featured on these curated lists, so they miss out on the exposure to thousands of potential new listeners.

Attracting new listeners can be challenging. To address this issue, we use a variety of effective podcast marketing strategies. At the retreat, four experienced podcasters, including myself, shared their insights and tips on how to reach new audiences. It was a collaborative effort, with each of us contributing our unique perspectives to the conversation.

Let’s dive into the marketing strategies discussed by each speaker. Continue reading or listen to the episode on Clocking In With Haylee Gaffin.

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In this podcast episode, we also discuss:

  • Converting listeners into buyers.
  • Essential systems for running a podcast smoothly.
  • What we would do differently in our podcasting journeys.

Ways To Attract New Listeners and Grow a Podcast Audience

1. Leverage podcast guests

This podcast marketing tip comes from Bree Pair, host of Thrive, a podcast for bloggers and content creators.

Leverage the power of guests to grow your podcast. Bree shared that one of the best ways she attracts new listeners to her podcast is by inviting guests who are willing to share the episode with their audiences and engage with their own followers to drive traffic to her show. Featuring guests who are willing to share the episode with their audience means tapping into new listener bases and expanding your organic reach.

“We have a lot of people come on our show that have never been on podcasts before. So they don’t really know what to do or all they can get out of it. So, we created a mini media kit showing how to make the most out of being on a podcast, like adding it to your website, etc. And that way, they fully understand like, oh, okay, not only am I getting out in front of their audience, I’m also able to use this as clout for myself.”

Laylee Emadi, host of So, Here’s The Thing, utilizes guests to share episodes to reach new audiences.

“I really love building rapport with my guests during the interview and becoming, I like to say, fast friends. And in that for me, that includes being really transparent about, you know, I would just love it if you don’t mind sharing. When you voice something face to face, there’s something a lot more approachable about it. It feels more casual and like a friend asking a friend to take that extra step for them.”

2. Utilize podcast search optimization

This one comes from me! Host of The Thought Card and co-host of Road Trip Ready Podcast.

One way to grow your podcast sustainably is to focus on being where your listeners are already looking.

According to Ausha, 40% of podcast listeners find new shows by searching directly within the podcast players. Focus on podcast search optimization to improve discoverability and ranking higher on platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Understanding how the algorithms work and the factors influencing how podcasts rank and are discovered can help you reach a broader audience with less effort.

Podcast search optimization involves various tactics, such as using relevant keywords in titles and descriptions. By implementing these strategies, you’ll improve your show’s visibility and attract more listeners who are actively searching for content related to your niche or interests.

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Tools like Ausha PSO (Podcast Search Optimization) Control Panel can assist with identifying the right keywords to use to improve visibility.

3. Create a binge-worthy series

A three—to four-part podcast series is a powerful way to attract and retain listeners. By breaking up a topic into multiple episodes, you can keep listeners engaged and returning week after week.

Series also allows for a deeper dive into a subject, providing more in-depth information and storytelling. It builds anticipation and excitement for each new episode, increasing listener retention and engagement.

4. Use the collaborative feature on Instagram

Haylee Gaffin shared that one of her clients started adding their podcast guests as collaborators on IG Reels but gave them a heads-up beforehand. Tell them you would love for them to accept the request as it goes on your feed and theirs.

“When you add that layer of asking, they are more likely to accept it in their feed, even if it’s just temporary. They can delete it later.”

Here are some examples!

5. Experiment and stick with what’s working

To close out, Haylee encourages picking a few podcast marketing strategies and testing them out for 30 days to see how they work for your show. Track your results and see what difference (if any) using those specific marketing strategies makes in your show’s growth. Remember, you do not have to implement everything to have a successful show; you just need a handful that works for you. Your show is unique and valuable, and it’s that uniqueness that will attract and retain your audience.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Customize Sharing Assets: To make it easier for guests to promote the episode, provide them with different sharing options, such as IG reels, newsletter copy, or social media posts.
  • Build Rapport with Guests: Establish a friendly relationship with guests and ask them directly if they can share the episode, making the process more personal and engaging.

Which podcast marketing strategy are you planning on implementing?

And if you haven’t already, join the waitlist for Mic Check Retreat in 2025!

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