Need Pointers To Grow Your Podcast?

Book a 60-Minute Podcasting Strategy Session

Book Podcasting Strategy Session with Danielle Desir, podcast coach.

Danielle Desir, Podcast Coach For Growth-Minded Podcasters

Hey there, I’m Danielle Desir – 5x author, 3x grant-funded podcaster, and founder of WOC (Women of Color) Podcasters, a podcasting community with over 4,300 members worldwide.

I help indie podcasters improve their visibility, organically grow their audiences, and scale their income.

These 60-minute value-packed 1:1 calls are great if you want to get coaching and encouragement without committing to a 3-month coaching program.

During our 1:1 podcasting strategy session, we can cover: 

  • How to better position yourself within the podcasting industry.
  • Gain clarity on your ideal client and target audience.
  • How to strategically gain more listeners.
  • Expanding your podcast reach and connecting with sponsors who share your values.
  • Starting a podcast.
  • Brand messaging and clarity.
  • Tips on improving your podcast and more.

Investment: $300 per podcasting strategy session.

What Past Clients Are Saying

I found this uber helpful! I can’t wait to try implementing these things and see how they work in my favor. Thanks for your wonderful feedback and your “open-door” attitude. You truly are a force!

It was very helpful. You gave some great ideas that I did not think of or know.

You gave amazing tips and recommendations for not just how to optimize my offers and website/social and promotions, but to diversify my offerings and grow as a thought leader. Thank you!

It was extremely helpful. You highlighted some great tips for my website such as the call to action and show notes that I plan to implement at the soonest. I really appreciate your kindness and candor overall! Thanks!