2024 Podcasting trends and podcast marketing strategies.

2024 Podcasting Trends and Marketing Strategies For Indie Podcasts

Stay ahead of the game with our 2024 podcasting trends for maximum podcast growth and visibility. It’s wild to think about how much podcasting has changed since I launched my travel podcast in 2018. As the podcasting landscape continues to evolve, marketing and growth offer many exciting opportunities and undeniable challenges. Everyone is trying to grow in 2024, so as you navigate the new year, here are the top podcast growth strategies I see podcasters utilizing to propel their shows to new heights.

If you’re new here, I’m Danielle, a travel and personal finance podcaster and podcast marketing coach. I help podcasters build a name for themselves in their industry, grow their audiences, and attract podcast sponsors by articulating their unique value proposition. On this blog, I write about podcast marketing and monetization. I invite you to join my newsletter so you always know when I publish a new article.

Trendy Marketing Strategies For Podcast Audience Growth

1. Revival of Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are (back) in for 2024!

Since podcast players refuse to add comments as a functionality, we are forced to improvise. Podcast hosts and listeners crave convenient spaces to connect, share ideas, and geek out over shared interests. I foresee podcasters unpausing their Facebook groups and starting new ones. While they aren’t perfect, Facebook groups are free, convenient, and easy to use.

2. 🚀 Audiobooks are taking off.

If you want to build authority, expand your brand, and reach new listeners, publish an audiobook.

Spotify is investing heavily in audiobooks, meaning NOW is the time to transform your content into books and tap into an additional revenue stream (and marketing arm of your creator business).

Podcasters, you already have all the equipment and editing skills; get it done!

3. AI is here to stay.

No surprise here, right?

According to Descript, podcasters are among the most engaged AI users in the content creation space.

We use AI in nearly every aspect of our work, from ideation to editing and promotion. AI will continue to help podcasters increase productivity, save time, and improve the quality of their shows.

Some of my favorite AI tools include Swell AI for podcast show notes and Auphonic for leveling audio.

4. Podcast players are shutting down (and fast).

Throughout 2023, we heard big industry news. Google Podcasts and Stitcher are goners, and I see others following quickly behind them. This opens up room for smaller catchers to close the gap, but likely the big dogs will swoop in. Currently, Apple Podcasts and Spotify are setting the pace as market leaders.

Helpful Tip: Make sure your website is updated with the latest podcast player badges and links. Remove the ones that have shut down. Continuously add your show to new players, even if they are less popular. Commit to meeting your listeners where they are.

5. Create an engaging series.

Here’s another podcasting trend I want to put on your radar.

While series are nothing new, consider expanding them from 3-4 episodes to 10-20. This allows you to go really deep on a particular topic and create this sticky rice effect where listeners are eager to continue binging the series.

Some examples worth checking out include:

Podcast Monetization Tips by Adam Schaeuble: A 21-part limited series for service providers who want to generate six figures leveraging podcasting.

Get Clients First With Ina Coveney: 10 Days of Hot Leads: A 10-day free email and audio course embedded conveniently in her podcast.

Helpful Tip: If you have plans to drop a series, give your listeners a heads-up. Drop a teaser or trailer to build anticipation and buzz around your work.

6. Expanded growth channels.

Podcasters are tired of the limited growth potential from relying on collaborations, costly ads, and unpredictable podcast player features, so they’re branching off by driving organic traffic through their website and Pinterest.

In 2024, podcasters will leverage SEO like never before.

If you’re looking for an up-to-date and actionable Pinterest course, I recommend Pinteresting Strategies 2.0.

The podcasting company, Ausha, coined the term “PSO,” which stands for “Podcast Search Optimization.” I anticipate more people talking about improving the ranking and visibility of shows and episodes on listening apps like Apple Podcasts or Spotify throughout the next 12 months.

7. 🔥 Audio courses are lit.

Want to attract more people to your paid offers? Offer a private podcast. Your students, mentees, and clients are busier than ever, which means they want to learn on the go.

Stop chaining your people to their computer screens.

Wondering how you can use a private podcast to elevate your brand? Memberships, workshops, summits, lead magnets, coaching calls, a start-here guide, or audio FAQ to address objections are all options to consider.

I personally host all of my self-paced workshops as audio training, including:

If you are interested in hosting your own private podcast, I recommend Hello Audio.

8. Lengthy podcast titles are useful and strategic.

Have you noticed more podcasters extending their official podcast title to include relevant keywords? This strategy not only provides more descriptive and helpful information to potential listeners who stumble upon your feed, but also signal boosts to the podcast player algorithms how to categorize your show in searches and assign relevant genres and topics.

Let’s take my show, for example.

Before: The Thought Card

After: The Thought Card: Travel Hacks, Travel Rewards & Wealth Building For Financially Savvy Travelers

Want to discuss this specific SEO strategy with me? Book a 1:1 podcast strategy session here.

9. More sponsorships for smaller creators. 💸

For those who know how to attract brands, the podcast sponsorships bag is going to be even BIGGER!

Brands (big and small) are less skeptical about investing in audio, so they are turning to shows with a proven track record and results.

Also, hosting your show with a reputable podcast hosting company like Ausha, where dynamic ad insertion technology is a built-in feature, means more money-making opportunities!

Build your portfolio. Prepare your podcast media kit.

Perfect your irresistible pitch. Secure those brand deals!

10. Personal recommendations drive podcast discovery.

According to a Sounds Profitable study (The Podcast Landscape – United States 2023), 55% of listeners say people in their social circle (friends, family, and co-workers) recommend shows to listen to. In 2024, let’s get serious about our word-of-mouth marketing.

Share with your listeners exactly what they should be saying as they spread the word about your show.

  • What is your show about?
  • What do they get from it?
  • How does your show make them feel?

Repeat this message often.

11. Finding a coach within your price range will be harder.

Unlike podcast launch coaches, there are only a handful of podcast marketing and podcasting growth coaches, and many of them are raising their rates significantly in 2024.

If you’re budget-conscious and want to work with a podcast coach this year, invest in coaching before their programs become even more expensive.

If you are ready to be seen as an authority, create industry-leading content, and grow your show exponentially without social media marketing, I invite you to work with me.

12. The rise of the serial podcaster.

I was once told that podcasts are like tattoos. Once you have one, you’ll likely have many. Guess what, it’s true. I’m on my third show!

It’s common for established podcasters to branch off and create other shows that are either adjacent to their main show’s topic or in a completely different vertical.

In 2024, established podcasters will become serial podcasters, hosting various shows and diversifying their income.

In January 2024, I launched Road Trip Ready alongside my co-host Christopher Rudder. Not only do we love road trips, but since we already create so much road trip content on our own, expanding our brands to focus specifically on road trips across the U.S. and Canada was a no-brainer. This new travel podcast is pushing me to try new formats and gain experience creating a YouTube-first podcast, which I couldn’t be more excited about.

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I often get asked about the most effective podcast marketing strategy, and in 2024, I wish I could point to one single thing as a proven solution to growth, but podcasting isn’t built that way. I’m starting to think it’s purposefully decentralized – but that’s a conversion for another day.

I encourage you to experiment, track your progress, and pivot. Spend the year defining your podcast marketing plan and identify a handful of strategies you’ll use to achieve your goals. I hope this article gave you lots of ideas and food for thought.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. What are your 2024 podcasting trends and predictions? How do you anticipate podcasters growing their shows this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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