Time management for podcasters: tips for balancing podcasting with a full-time job with Bianca Alba.

Balancing Podcasting With a Full-Time Job With Bianca Alba From ‘This Latina Travels’ – Episode 7

Calling all Women of Color juggling podcasting with a full-time job. As we know, podcasting is involved, and it takes considerable time to research, script, record, edit, and promote each episode. Despite this, it is possible to successfully manage both your career and podcasting endeavors. And today, we have the expert advice of fellow podcaster Bianca Alba to provide practical tips and strategies on how to make it work. Bianca Alba, a proud Latina and the creator of This Latina Travels shares how to make time for podcasting when you have a demanding full-time job or when it’s a hobby or side hustle. We cover time management for podcasters, work-life balance, creating a sustainable podcasting workflow, and outsourcing.

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Outsource and hire help for tasks that aren’t your strength. It’s worth it to have more peace and be your best self. – Bianca Alba

Meet Bianca Alba, the vibrant creator of This Latina Travels a travel podcast that shares the travel experiences of a first-generation Latina traveler.

Gain insights such as:

  • [6:24] How she manages her time and stays organized with the help of a physical planner
  • [18:18] The benefits of outsourcing for podcasters who have full-time jobs
  • [24:49] Tips for fostering a sense of community

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How to Create Healthy Boundaries and Take Care of Yourself While Juggling Work and Podcasting

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To balance success in podcasting while working full-time, it’s important to:

  1. Recognize limitations and set realistic goals
  2. Prioritize tasks and create a routine
  3. Get organized
  4. Outsource tasks
  5. Connect with a supportive community of podcasters

1. Recognize limitations and set realistic goals

Balancing a full-time job and podcasting can be a challenge, one way to achieve success in both endeavors is to recognize your limitations and set realistic goals.

By taking the time to understand what you can genuinely handle, you are more likely to maintain a healthy balance between work and podcasting, and ultimately succeed in both arenas.

Bianca acknowledged when she began podcasting, she tried to emulate her favorite podcaster’s schedule, only to realize that it was an unrealistic goal for her situation.

Understanding your boundaries and capabilities not only prevents stress-induced burnout but also allows you to allocate time and resources effectively.

Also remembering your purpose and remembering why you started that podcast. I started this because I wanted to motivate and break barriers, especially for Women of Color to travel the world. I come from an upbringing where travel was never existent. Now that I can do it, I have the ability to teach others.

2. Prioritize tasks and create a consistent routine

Keep professional and personal projects running smoothly by thoughtfully organizing your time and using productivity systems, so you can stay focused.

Amidst her demanding professional obligations and busy travel schedule, Bianca has a flexible work schedule that allows her every other Friday off. On those off days she dedicates time to podcasting, research, and recording.

So on the Fridays I am off, I make that podcast day, I make that research day, I make that recording day, I utilize that time.

3. Get organized

By finding the right planning and organization tools for her needs, Bianca tracks tasks, sets reminders for deadlines, and allocates time to knock items off her to-do list.

Using a physical planner called Plan, Pray, Prosper Weekly Planner, as well as digital apps like Google Calendar and Outlook has been helpful.

Understanding your personal preference is crucial for finding the right tools; be it digital tools like spreadsheets, Trello boards, or Notion, or traditional ones like physical planners.

For example, the 2023 Podcast Planner can be a great podcasting resource if you want to track and organize your episodes from idea to published with a Google Sheets system.

Achieving balance and success in podcasting while working full-time is possible for Women of Color – you need the right tools and mindset to get there.

4. Outsource tasks such as editing or social media

Another way to balance work and podcasting is learning to outsource tasks that consume significant time and energy, such as editing episodes and managing social media channels. Outsourcing frees up valuable time that can be invested in resting or other creative and work-related commitments.

Bianca emphasizes that outsourcing has been crucial for her podcasting journey.

She admits, editing was not her forte, but by hiring an editor to manage this task, she reduced the risk of burnout and maintained her focus on the creative aspects of podcasting.

Because it’s not only editing the podcast or even just recording the podcast. It’s also creating the flyer and the blog post. So I feel like all those steps that sometimes people don’t see if they don’t create a podcast, I’m like, yeah, it takes a while. I really have to plan it out.

Utilizing resources such as designing tools like Canva templates and audiogram generators, are other examples of time-saving tools Bianca suggests using to make production as efficient as possible.

Consider also taking seasonal breaks where you step away from your show for a few weeks to a couple of months. Take guilt-free time off to replenish your creative batteries.

Looking to hire a podcast editor, browse through our directory of Women of Color Podcast Editors.

6. Connect with a supportive community of podcasters

Navigating demanding schedules and managing the expectations of others require finding a routine that supports personal growth, creativity, and wellbeing. Bianca achieves this balance by connecting with a supportive community of podcasters who she can share experiences, insights, and resources with.

Bianca opens up about the importance of community building in her own podcasting journey. She encourages finding support from fellow Women of Color podcasters, as they share a unique set of experiences and can offer specific advice on balancing podcasting with a full-time job.

By engaging with other podcasters and participating in podcasting communities like, WOC Podcasters, forge strong relationships, draw inspiration, and rely on peer support when faced with challenges.

For Women of Color podcasters who are juggling a full-time job and podcasting, the time, energy, and resources required to produce a podcast can be physically and mentally draining. The result is that their professional commitments and personal lives can suffer; leading to a constant struggle to strike the right balance.

It’s okay to ask for help or not even just ask, just introduce yourself. Many times we think, especially when it comes to podcasters, we put them on this pedestal and I’m like, no, they’re real human beings, especially if they’re Women of Color. I can guarantee you 90% of the time they’re going to reply back to that DM or that message.

Podcasting With a Full-Time Job Key Takeaways

  • Remember your purpose and why you started your podcast to stay motivated and focused.
  • Find the tools that work for you in managing your time.
  • Consider outsourcing editing to save time and maintain peace of mind.
  • Take breaks when needed to prevent burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Remember you don’t have to do it all instead focus on giving your best effort.

You have to love your work the most in order for others to really love it.

Memorable Quotes by Bianca Alba

  • Time equals peace. If you can’t take care of yourself, then you won’t be the best version of yourself for everyone else.
  • I practice things like affirmations. I also surround myself with women I know I could also provide for but also get feedback from.
  • You have to love your work the most in order for others to really love it.
  • It’s okay to reach out to individuals that you look up to and just introduce yourself.

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About Bianca Alba

Bianca Alba, a proud Latina and first-generation college grad, is a passionate traveler and creator of the podcast This Latina Travels. Through her podcast, Bianca combines her passion for travel with her perspective as a first-generation Latina immigrant, creating a show that is both inspiring and informative. She encourages listeners to be true to themselves and to use their experiences and stories as a powerful tool to connect with others. This Latina Travels is more than just Bianca telling you about her travel experiences, but it is a true reflection that dreams can become reality.

Website: www.thislatinatravels.com

Podcast: This Latina Travel

Instagram: @thislatinatravels

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