Podcasters, Discover Money Making Opportunities at Podthon

Over the last three years, I’ve co-hosted a virtual podcast conference amplifying podcasters of Color and underrepresented thought leaders in the podcasting space. Podthon is back again for its fourth annual, but after much thought, we are doing things differently this year. Instead of hosting a large virtual summit with 30+ speakers, we are bringing together a small group of indie podcasters for an intimate 2-day weekend coaching intensive sharing ways hobby podcasters can build additional income streams utilizing their brands and expertise.

Why the format change?

Over the last two years, we’ve seen an explosion in virtual events and a declining interest in attending large summits that lack a topical focus.

While attending a general summit may benefit new podcasters, it becomes less attractive to more experienced creators looking for in-depth strategies, tailored advice, case studies, feedback, and mentoring.

At Podthon, we have covered launching, marketing, monetization, outsourcing, guesting, editing, and more. Each of these subtopics deserves in-depth training.

Virtual summits that bring people together with specific interests are on the rise and do better overall. They are well attended and profitable. These events also offer in-depth insights vs. narrowly touching on many ideas and pain points. The success of Grow My Podcast Summit and Podcast Show Notes Summit are two examples of this shift.

As summit hosts and community organizers, we need to create offers that serve in impactful ways. It’s also important for us to lean into our strengths and interests.

Since our inaugural event in 2019, my Podthon co-coach, Lee Uehara, and I have grown as teachers, coaches, and thought leaders. We’ve developed our frameworks, coached clients, created courses, and have the results to back it up.

We have created multiple income streams due to our podcasts.

While I have focused on podcast sponsorships and have won several grants to produce my show, Lee gets paid to speak and host.

Making money as a podcaster isn’t always straightforward, especially if you have a smaller audience, but it is possible.

And there are many reasons why you may want to monetize a hobby podcast, including: 

  • Keeping up with the cost of production 
  • Outsourcing
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Creating a new segment 
  • Launching/re-launching a show 

While great for inspiration, there are some things you can’t learn by simply reading an article or watching a 10-minute YouTube video.

Trust me, I tried.

I started making significant money as a podcaster when I invested in myself.

I joined 1-on-1 coaching programs and live cohort-based courses where I could ask questions, learning “the why” and “the how” from more experienced creators doing exactly what I wanted to do. Brand Deal Wizard is one of those live cohort-based courses I recommend for those looking to make consistent income working with brands.

From there, I developed my winning strategy. That strategy continues to evolve as I gain more experience. 

Why attend Podthon?

Instead of piece-mealing your podcast monetization strategy with free resources scattered all over the internet, get the hard bits done with us in one weekend by investing in yourself and joining our 2-day coaching intensive, Podthon ‘22: From Hobbyist to Podpreneur on July 23-24, 2022. Programming will run from 10 am to 4 pm EST on both days.

Submit your media kit for review, and there will be role-playing — what would you say if a brand wants to hear about past podcast campaigns you’ve completed with similar brands. Not sure? Well, we’ll cover that and more.

Just know that we’re keeping this event small so we can not only teach you—but also show you—how to monetize your show while staying true to yourself.

Throughout the 2-day event, we will cover:

1) How to find grants to support your creative work and business (yes, free money!!!)

2) How to work with podcast sponsors, even if you have less than 100,000 podcast downloads

3) How to craft your signature talk as a paid speaker and land speaking gigs! 

On Day 1, we’ll cover:

  • A framework for developing a signature presentation as a paid speaker
  • What conference organizers are looking for 
  • How to stand out as a newbie speaker 
  • Tips for creating your own opportunities

On Day 2, we’ll cover:

  • Media kit dos and don’ts 
  • Why the CPM (cost per mille) model doesn’t serve indie podcasters (yeah, we said it)
  • What to charge sponsors 
  • Why meeting with potential sponsors increases your likeliness of working together 
  • Questions to ask sponsors to uncover campaign goals 
  • Our favorite websites for finding grants for creatives
  • 5 of the most common questions found on grant applications and how to answer them  

We cannot wait to get into the nitty-gritty details. Walk away from this program with the tools and hands-on experience to kickstart your podprenuer journey!

Whether you want to make enough money to cover your costs, use your show to bring in extra income, or quit your job — it’s possible. 

You can make money as a podcaster or as a result of your podcast. We cannot wait to get into the details.

Join us a Podthon ’22. Grab your ticket here!

Podthon Details

When: Saturday and Sunday, July 23-24th

Time: 10 am to 4 pm EST


Speaking At Podcast Show Notes Summit: How To Create Epic Episode Titles

Did you know that your podcast episode titles may be pushing listeners away from your show? I’m back on the speaking circuit, and this time I’ll be speaking at Podcast Show Notes Summit, a one-day virtual summit about all things — you guest it — podcast show notes. Podcast Show Notes Summit is one of the podcasting conferences I recommend to help you grow, and I’m excited to share my knowledge.

Why I’m Speaking At Podcast Show Notes Summit

Episode titles and show notes aren’t talked about a lot in podcasting circles. But I’m convinced it’s an important factor in growing an engaged audience and increasing your downloads. 

Just this week, inside the WOC Podcasters Insiders Membership, I led an exercise where we reviewed the titles of older episodes. 

The result…? Many members realized that their titles were either too long, too vague, or covered too much. 

As podcasters, your episode titles need to be crystal clear (emphasis on crystal) because potential listeners will make split decisions about listening to your show. I don’t mean to be dramatic here, but you may only have this one chance to impress them. Make it count!

Here’s an example of one of my recent podcast episode titles of The Thought Card Podcast.

How To Get Free Hotels Upgrades and Other Travel Hacking Secrets With Julia Menez. This episode has over 500 downloads in less than a month, and I’d like to believe that nailing the title has something to do with it.

Do you see how clear this title is? At a glance, listeners know exactly what value they’ll receive from listening to this 30-minute interview. They will learn how to get free hotel upgrades. They may also be curious to hear what other travel hacking secrets Julia has up her sleeve.

That title is way better than Travel Hacking Secrets with Julia Menez. This would be way too vague. There’s a high probability that potential listeners would scroll away even if this episode would have benefited them. 

Tips For Writing Podcast Episode Titles

Whenever crafting titles, I recommend asking yourself:  

  • What’s in it for the podcast listener?
  • How will this episode benefit listeners?
  • Why should they take time out of their day to listen to this episode? 
  • After reading the title, will a listener know what this episode is about? 

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, I recommend crafting another title.

So, this may be a lot to take in, which is why on August 28th, from 12:00-4:00 p.m. EST, join me for the Podcast Show Notes Summit, where I’ll share how to write epic episode titles. Learn how to craft compelling titles that will get you listens, help you build an organic community of raving fans and paid customers!

Podcast Show Notes Summit

Other sessions I’m excited to attend include:

  • SEO For Show Notes by April Wier
  • How To Turn Podcast Episodes To Blog Posts by Ashley Barnett
  • Shortcuts To Better Show Notes by Daniel J Lewis 

Whether you host your own show or provide podcasters with a service, you will learn a lot about writing compelling show notes at this summit.

Get tickets (live and the replay) to Podcast Show Notes Summit here.

Don’t forget that I also host a 2-hour on-demand masterclass called High Converting Podcast Show Notes. I share how to create high converting podcast show notes that attract new listeners organically through search, provide additional resources to listeners, and invite them to buy from you! And if you’re looking for more hands-on coaching, check out my podcast marketing coaching program.