Roshni Baronia shares how to leverage podcasts as a coach or consultant.

Leveraging Podcasting To Promote Your Coaching Business and Sign More Clients With Roshni Baronia – Episode 5

Should coaches have a podcast? Podcasting is a powerful tool for coaches and consultants to establish trust and authority. In this podcast episode, learn how to build your brand and convert more clients using the power of podcasting with Roshni Baronia. Drawing on her extensive experience as a podcast coach and consultant, Roshni shares how to create engaging and intentional content that resonates with your audience and propels your coaching business to new heights. Explore the benefits of podcasting as a coach or consultant and how to use podcasts to convert clients and grow your brand. Discover the transformative impact podcasting could have on your coaching business.

Ready to unlock the secrets to podcasting success? Keep reading to discover Roshni’s powerful strategies for business growth and client engagement through podcasting.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • [3:02] Why podcasting for coaches and consultants
  • [10:41] The importance of consistency in content creation 
  • [19:07] The variety of content types coaches can create to promote their coaching business
  • [28:30] Simplifying marketing activities for coaches
  • [33:36] Live streaming vs. podcasting
  • [37:15] Promoting free vs. paid offers

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Coaching Fundamentals

What is coaching?

The coaching business is all about transformation.

The people looking to hire a coach go through acknowledging, accepting, and then taking action.

They acknowledge the fact that they are struggling with an issue. Then comes accepting a need for course correction and then hiring a coach for a resolution.

This entire process takes time. It can take anywhere from three months to three years.

Roshni Baronia: “Through this journey, the coach’s job is to show up consistently with authority and credibility while they educate and engage with the potential client.

And only when they keep engaging and educating their potential client will they be able to make their potential clients excited enough that they enroll in working with them.

A podcast is the best way a coach can educate their potential clients through the sales journey.”

Benefits of Podcasting For Coaches

Why you should start a podcast as a coach?

Roshni suggests using podcasts to educate, engage, excite, and enroll potential clients. By consistently delivering value, coaches can establish trust, build their brand, and convert more clients.

Roshni Baronia: “You can bring in peers, you can bring in other experts, and you can amplify the sales of your books by having a podcast around your book. So you can extend whatever you are doing in your coaching business, be it a course, be it a signature program, be it a book, or an evergreen funnel of webinars. Anything you currently use as a marketing strategy for your coaching business can very well be extended into a podcast by adding a lot of freshness and dialogue to it.”

As a mass media channel, Roshni introduces the ‘ABC’ framework for using podcasts as a sales tool for coaches and consultants.

A – Amplify authority

B – Build your brand

C – Convert more clients

Amplify authority

Coaching is about transformation.

For any person to hand over their emotions, their behaviors and share their personal stories, that person needs to trust you.

You can establish trust with potential clients through podcasting by sharing deep, valuable, and intimate content.

Build your brand

When people work with you, they need to feel that they are working with someone who is an expert and known in their industry.

Traditionally publishing a book was a go-to strategy for coaches to build their authority and brand. However, books have limitations, one of which, once out in the world, there’s little you can do concerning the content. With a podcast, though, you can refresh that content and build upon it by creating a flywheel content strategy and sharing content related to the main topic of your book.

Convert more clients

Converting more clients is the ultimate goal of any coaching or consulting business, ensuring prospective clients are nurtured and guided toward becoming paying customers.

People see you, judge you, observe you, and experience you from far before they buy from you.

Roshni explains that a podcast becomes that channel where potential clients can observe you.

Statistically, there are a minimum of eight touchpoints before a person says yes to buying into your offer. So be mindful of that. Have patience and perseverance because podcasting is a long-term strategy. Continue nurturing your audience through fresh and dynamic podcast content.

Give yourself three months to experiment and analyze where you see results. Roshni suggests two to three marketing activities are enough for a small coaching business.

Pick a combination of a podcast and a newsletter or a podcast and a webinar or a podcast or a free course. Whatever combination works best for you, go for that. Don’t do ten things in a bad manner, do two things in the best manner.

Types of content coaches can create

Typically people think that since they have a coaching business, their podcast has to be knowledge-heavy and education-heavy, but that’s not the case.

Roshni recommends creating insightful content which probes listeners to think and reflect. Leave them with questions so they come to you for answers.

Roshni Baronia: “Another format that works very well for coaches is on-air coaching because potential clients get to see and experience what it is like to work with you. I have also experimented with a few of my clients who read excerpts from their books and have created content around topics similar to their book titles and topics.

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About Roshni Baronia

Roshni Baronia is a Sales Consultant and Podcast Launch Strategist. As the founder of the podcast launch and management company “Done For You Podcasts,” Roshni leads a team of podcast strategists, audio engineers, show managers, content writers, graphic designers, and creative producers to support podcasters in their podcasting journey. She also hosts the podcast Ace the Sales, curated for women small business owners to help them fall in love with selling.

Roshni is passionate about helping coaches like you reach their full potential through the exciting world of podcasting.


LinkedIn: Roshni Baroni

Instagram: @roshni_baronia

Memorable Quotes

  • “By owning a media channel, you are taking your personal brand to the next level.”
  • “Podcasting is the best way to produce long-form content.” 
  • “Consistency can only be tackled by personal productivity and behavioral change because the way you do one thing is the way you do everything.” 
  • “If you are a very disciplined person, then podcasting will be very easy for you.”
  • “Podcasts align beautifully with evergreen funnels where you take in new consulting or coaching clients at any time.”
  • “No one will buy from you instantly because they need to judge you, observe you, and experience you over some time.”

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