Podfest Master Class Online Summit Tips For Self-Published Authors

Self-Publishing Tips I Learned At Podfest Master Class

When I heard that Podfest Multimedia Expo, the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ holder for Largest Attendance for a Virtual Podcasting Conference in One Week, was featuring a brand-new self-publishing track for authors at the Podfest Master Class Online Summit, I couldn’t wait to attend all of the sessions.

As I build my author brand, learning about creative ways to write, promote, and make money from my books is important. While I don’t want to give it all away, here are three things I learned about self-publishing after attending the four sessions at Podfest. By the way, I highly recommend upgrading your ticket so you can get lifetime access to the recordings. Although I missed the live sessions, watching the replays on my own time has been invaluable.

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3 Self-Publishing Tips From Podfest Master Class Online Summit

1. Use free books as marketing

Michael Stawicki, CEO of Resurrecting Books shared that offering a book for free on Amazon is a great way for you to attract an entirely new audience. This audience perhaps did not know about you or maybe they were on the fence about buying your books. If they fall in love with your free books, they may be more inclined to purchase your paid books.

Use free books as an entry point to your sales funnel. However, don’t cut corners. Treat the production of this book like you would any other book. Get a cover designed and hire a professional editor.

Also, if your book is underperforming, consider running a campaign where you list it for free for a limited-time or permanently. This will help you get new reviews and based on the steady traffic, Amazon may even promote it to a wider audience. This is something I had never considered before.

Helpful Tip: You can’t price your book for free on Amazon. Watch the Podfest session “Free Traffic With Free Books” to learn how.

2. Add these promotional sections to your book

Within the first few minutes of S.A. Grant’s presentation, he mentioned including promotional sections to your book. These sections will appear in the Table of Contents which is one of the first things potential readers will see when they preview your book. This can serve as free promotion for your other books, blog, or podcast.

Here are some of the new sections I will include in my books:

  • More About the Author (links to my podcast, blog, and other books).
  • Connect With Author (social media, blog, podcast, etc).
  • About the Podcast (podcast cover art, description, and link).

Don’t miss this Podfest session, “Podcast Marketing Through Kindle eBook & Audiobook Publishing”. The presenter, S.A. Grant is the founder of Boss Uncaged Podcast.

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3. Books are an income generator

Lastly, in Mario Fachini’s session, he empowered attendees to commit to writing their books in eight weeks. He also mentioned something that stood out to me. Your non-fiction business book is an asset, a profit-generating, and lead generating asset. Mario Fachini is the host of EA Interviews.

Found these tips helpful, grab your tickets to Podfest Master Class here!

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