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Danielle Desir is a speaker and host of The Thought Card Podcast.

Podcasting Expert, Podcast Marketing Coach & Growth Strategist

Hey there, I’m Danielle Desir Corbett, a podcasting expert, 6x author, 4x grant-funded podcaster, and host of The Thought Card and Road Trip Ready.

As a podcast marketing coach, I help expert professionals improve their visibility and organically grow their audiences and income.

In 2022, I launched a newsletter called Grants For Creators, a trusted resource for over 5,000 creators. I share funding opportunities for US-based authors, writers, journalists, podcasters, filmmakers, photographers, artists, and small businesses. In 2023, I shared 1,000+ grants with my subscribers.

I have been honored to teach hundreds of people about podcasting within my community and events like Mom 2.0, TBEX, Podcast Movement, Podfest, She Podcasts LIVE, Afros and Audio, and more.

I’m available for in-person and virtual speaking engagements, workshops, and panels in these areas:

  • Growing and monetizing a podcast
  • Finding grant funding as a creative and small business owner
  • Attracting brands and securing lucrative podcast sponsorships
  • How to break into travel podcasting

When I speak, I aim to share practical advice that sparks action. You can expect an insightful and engaging session tailored to your audience’s needs.

Please reach out via info@danielledesir.com. I would love to hear from you.

Speaking Topics

1. Podcast Sponsorships

  • Attracting brands
  • How to communicate your value, even with a smaller show
  • Media kit do’s and don’ts
  • Sponsorship best practices.

2. Podcast Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Long-term podcast marketing strategies
  • Why SEO is important for podcasters
  • What to include in podcast show notes

3. Find and Win Grant Funding

  • How to find grants and other types of funding as a creative and small business owner
  • Ways to save time on grant submissions
  • Grant application best practices.

Danielle Desir Corbett Speaking at Black Podcasters Association

What Event Organizers & Attendees Are Saying

Danielle Desir Podcast Coach, Podcast Consultant, Speaker

She Podcast Mini-con at Podfest Global Summit 2021. 

Danielle speaking at The Future of Audio in Travel at WITS Week

The Future of Audio Workshop at WITS Week (April 2021). 

Danielle Desir speaking at WITS Week Future of Audio Workshop with Pandora.

I was very excited that Danielle accepted our invitation to join the International Podcast Day broadcast in September 2020. Her “Be Your Own PR: How to Organize a Podcast Tour” provided one of the most unique presentations that have been shared during our event. She shares actionable steps for podcasters, provided a host of best practices to consider, and outlined hacks for finding new leads. Her energy and personality shined throughout her presentation. Danielle was a wonderful speaker and I would highly recommend her for your event or seminar!

Danielle was a guest in my premium coaching program, The Swift Inner Circle, as the ladies in the program requested a podcasting expert. The value, wisdom and expertise Danielle provided was incredible, and everyone left with pages and pages of notes on the exact steps they needed to take to create, produce, and market their podcasts. Danielle answered every question coherently, with grace, and evidence that she really does know her stuff when it comes to all things podcasting. I can’t wait to work with her again, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a podcasting expert for their program or next event.

I was very pleased that Danielle accepted our invitation to host a webinar for Temple University, Digital Innovation Marketing master’s program (DIM). The “How To Get Booked on Podcasts Without a PR Team” webcast was an absolute success!! Danielle shared extremely valuable insights with the audience on how to learn the benefits of collaborating with podcasters, the dos and don’ts to pitching, and simple ways to improve their pitch acceptance rate. Attendees were impressed with the actionable tips that she provided! Danielle is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about her work and it transpired throughout her presentation and Q&A portion of the webcast. I would absolutely recommend her for your webcast or conference!

Danielle was a speaker at a virtual summit I co-hosted, and she was an absolute asset for the event! She presented on how to create a membership program, and the entire strategy was laid out with clarity and honesty, as she took attendees behind-the-scenes to see exactly what she did to see success, including both wins and struggles. As someone who runs a membership myself, I found myself excitedly scribbling notes as Danielle gave me new things to try in my own program. Additionally, Danielle provided detailed answers during the Q&A portion of her session, adding additional value. I would highly recommend Danielle as a speaker!

We needed someone to speak on a very niche subject in our virtual summit. Lo and behold, Danielle actually has a course that covered the topic – so it was a natural fit!
Danielle, communicated with us numerous times before the event and even hopped on to do a 15-minute bonus live stream a couple weeks before the virtual summit.
She is a Team player. A constant giver. A well-versed speaker. Oh, and her slides were great too!

Upcoming Events

London Writers’ Salon – August 2024

Nomadness Fest – September 2024

Grants For Creators Summit – September 2024

International Women’s Podcast Festival – October 2024

Slow FI Retreat – October 2024

AIR Media SoundPath – October and November 2024

Past Events

TravelCon – May 2024

Mic Check Society Retreat – June 2024

No More Student Loans Summit – June 2024

Master the Mic – June 2024

AIR Media AMPLIFY – March 2024

TravMedia Summit – January 2024

Podfest Expo 2024 – January 2024

Five-Figure Freedom & Six-Figure Liberation – February 2024

The Sanctuary – January 2024

The Show Summit – November 2023

Podcasting For Business Conference – November 2023

Afros & Audio – October 2023

SATW 2023 Convention – September 2023

Elevate Your Reach Summit – September 2023

Podbox Memphis Festival – September 2023

TBEX North America 2023 – July 2023

She Podcasts LIVE – June 2023

ATM (Authority, Traffic & Monetization) Summit – May 2023

Influencer Entrepreneur Academy Summit – May 2023

Tourpreneur – May 2023

Mom 2.0 Summit – May 2023

Grand Podcasters – May 2023

Podcast Marketing Academy – April 2023

Six Figure Liberation – April 2023

Podfest Global – March 2023

Circle’s Momentum Summit – March 2023

Podcast Manager Profit Booster Summit – March 2023

Podcast Movement Evolutions – March 2023

Women’s Travel Fest – March 2023

Black Women Rising – February 2023

Podcast Marketing Academy Community – January 2023

Podcasting For Business Conference – November 2022

Afros and Audio – October 2022

AIR Media – October 2022

Podcast Marketing Academy Community – September 2022

FinCon – September 2022

The Black Podcasters Association – August 2022

Podthon ’22 – July 2022

How To Make Real Money Podcasting – July 2022

Grow My Podcast Summit – June 2022

The Podcast Academy – February 2022

Interview Mastery Summit – February 2022

Podlab via Podfest – February 2022

The Podcast Lab – January 2022

Afros and Audio Virtual Podcast Festival – November 2021

The PodCraft Community by The Podcast Host – November 2021

She Podcasts LIVE – October 2021

The Nomadic Network – September 2021

Podcast Show Notes Summit – August 2021

Podthon – July 2021

Storytelling Podcast Week (Podbean) – July 2021

How to Make Real Money Podcasting – July 2021

Blog to Business Bootcamp – April 2021

WITS Week featuring Pandora – April 2021

 Futuro Media – April 2021

Temple University – April 2021

University of North Alabama – April 2021

Finance Podcast Week (Podbean) – March 20221

She Podcasts Mini-con at Podfest – March 2021

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