Write Better Podcast Episode Titles

Turn Scrollers To Listeners

Stay Accountable Marketing Accountability Group For Podcasters by Danielle Desir

What would it look like if you could get listeners to stop scrolling and listen to your podcast…

Did you know that most podcast listeners look at 1) the episode title and 2) the description/summary before listening to an episode?

Podcast episode titles are one of the first things potential listeners look at before deciding if listening to your show is a worthy investment of their time.

In other words, it’s your FIRST impression and it can either attract or push listeners away. Listeners are always thinking ‘what’s in it for me?‘, so it’s important that episode titles entice them to hit play immediately

By the end of this training, you’ll be able to write clear and compelling episode titles (without losing your creativity), plus learn how to find relevant keywords and rank higher in search results.

  • Start crafting episode titles that lead with value
  • Stop wasting limited space by ditching unnecessary text
  • Start using descriptive words to better set expectations
  • Stop rushing the writing process and gain more listeners on better titles alone
  • Start using helpful tools for finding relevant keywords

What You’ll Learn

  • How episode titles attract potential listeners

  • How to find keywords for episode titles

  • The formula for crafting effective titles

  • How to strategically audit your archive of past episodes

  • A list of attention grabbing words to use

  • Title do’s and don’ts

Write Better Podcast Episode Titles By Danielle Desir