Tips for hosting a bilingual podcast with Jen Hemphill.

Hosting a Bilingual Podcast in Spanish (Or Any Language) With Latina Money Expert Jen Hemphill – Episode 2

Are you multicultural? Do you speak multiple languages? If you’re considering hosting a podcast in Spanish or any other language, in this episode, Jen Hemphill shares what to consider, like show format, attracting sponsors, overcoming challenges, and more. Podcasting since 2015, Jen Hemphill is a proud Latina and host of the award-winning bilingual podcast, Her Dinero Matters. Successfully transitioning to a bilingual podcast has allowed Jen’s Latina culture to shine through. Instead of providing content in Spanish or English, Jen has found much success speaking both languages.

Offering a fresh perspective to bilingual podcasts, listen to the podcast episode here.

Learn how to create a bilingual podcast where you speak multiple languages.

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In this episode, we discuss:

  • [4:00] How Jen Hemphill overcame the fear of committing to podcasting
    • Jen’s secret to podcasting consistently since 2015
  • [6:09] How podcasting has changed over the last 7 years
  • [9:06] How Jen rebranded her podcast to serve the U.S. Latina community
  • [17:12] Bilingual podcast formats
  • [28:01] Things to consider when hosting a bilingual podcast. 

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How To Host a Bilingual Podcast in Spanish (Or Any Language)

What is a bilingual podcast?

Jen Hemphill defines a bilingual podcast as one where we can be ourselves.

You may speak two languages fluently or understand enough that you throw words here and there.

“Be you, do you. There are many ways of doing a bilingual format. Follow your gut because I know we tend to look for guidance and advice, and that’s fine because I still look for guidance and advice. But at the end of the day, you have to trust yourself that you know what’s right for you.”

What are the benefits of hosting a bilingual podcast?

A bilingual podcast reaches a wide range of listeners, including those who may not speak English fluently. Whether you provide a balanced mix of both languages or feature some words in another language, determine how best you can serve your audience.

Jen Hemphill says, “I let my guests know right off the bat that whatever language comes out of their mouth is welcome.

I’ve had some episodes that I have done in Spanish that have gone really well. The purpose of those episodes are for those that are listening, that maybe speak English fluently, they can share that content with their family members that don’t. I want to alleviate that aspect and provide content that they could pass on to their family members.”

Here are five steps to host a bilingual podcast:

  • Commit to bilingual inclusion
  • Take note of changes in the podcasting industry
  • Consider changing the podcast name to target a specific audience 
  • Communicate with your audience
  • Conduct surveys to better understand your audience

1. Commit to bilingual inclusion and visibility.

Producing a successful bilingual podcast starts with understanding your target audience and their language preferences.

Jen Hemphill: “Sometime around 2018, I had an AHA moment while attending Podcast Movement. I’ve always talked about being Latina on Her Money Matters Podcast, I spoke a lot about my heritage, and where I came from. I may also say some words in Spanish.

Here I am knowing what the needs are of the Latinx community, but why am I not serving my community?

I started searching and found myself looking for podcasts talking to Latinas, specifically the U.S. Latina. I didn’t find any. And I’m like, okay, I need to do this.”

Even though Jen had a loyal community of listeners by this time, she knew in her gut transitioning to a bilingual podcast was the right move.

Jen Hemphill: “I actually started a brand new podcast in Spanish called Su Dinero Importa. So I was running two podcasts for a time. One podcast en Espanol, while the other in English. But that was too much because I was literally doing two weekly podcasts for about six months. I knew that wasn’t going to be sustainable.”

2. Take note of changes in the podcasting industry.

After six months of doing two podcasts, Jen decided to let one go after reviewing the 2021 Latino Podcast Listener Report, which highlighted the growing Latinx millennial listener who primarily listened to podcasts in English.

Jen Hemphill: “Besides it not being sustainable. I also realized that with who I really wanted to serve, I didn’t need to speak Spanish all the time. Because if I sat and reflected, let’s say when I have a conversation with my Latina friends, what were we doing? We were speaking primarily in English, and then we threw Spanish words here and there. Or we may have started the conversation in Spanish, and we threw English words here and there, whatever just came to our minds.”

Combing her two shows (Her Money Matters and Su Dinero Importa), Jen Hemphill relaunched “Her Dinero Matters.”

This has been the best decision I made for my business. They say the riches are in the niches. Niching down to women wasn’t enough. Talking to the U.S. Latina made such a difference.

3. Change the podcast name to target a specific audience.

While changing the podcast name isn’t always necessary, consider the audience you are trying to reach. In this case, Jen wanted to target busy, career-oriented Latinas who wanted to become more knowledgeable and confident with their money. She changed the podcast name from “Her Money Matters” to “Her Dinero Matters.”

This new title was more specific and conveyed that her podcast is for bilingual Latinas who love being around English and Spanish (or Spanglish).

4. Communicate with your audience.

To make the transition to the new podcast name smoother while also maintaining her listeners, Jen was transparent. She informed her listeners of the reasoning for the name change and shared her new focus on U.S. Latinas.

Overall, the transition was a success, as her audience was very supportive of the change.

Staying true to herself and her audience, Jen doesn’t have to provide content in Spanish or English; rather, she can throw English or Spanish words here and there depending on what language comes to mind.

Jen leveraged her ability to speak Spanish and her knowledge of Latinx culture to create an authentic podcast that relates to her audience in a meaningful way.

5. Survey listeners.

To get to know her listeners better, Jen has intentionally crafted content that speaks to U.S. Latinas, with a focus on their needs and shared experiences. She also reviews her podcast analytics, identifies listening trends, and surveys her listeners.

The decision to host a bilingual podcast has allowed Jen to collaborate with bigger brands, speak to the right people, and grow her business.

Jen Hempell is an inspiring example of how to create a successful bilingual podcast for Latinas. By committing to the process, experimenting with different formats and taking note of changes in the podcasting industry, she successfully transitioned to a bilingual show.

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Memorable Quotes From Jen Hemphill

  • “Set an intention with your content, and your audience will follow.”
  • “Be proud of your culture and share it with the world.”
  • “Having a podcast gives you a voice and the confidence to express yourself authentically.”

About Jen Hemphill

Jen Hemphill is a military spouse and proud bilingual Latina, helping busy career-oriented women become the reina (queen) of her money and love her dinero more. Jen is a Latina Money Expert, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor), author, speaker , and  hosts Her Dinero Matters Podcast since 2015. 

Her  Dinero Matters is an award-winning, bilingual podcast focused on advancing U.S. Latinas to minimize the gender wage gap and have healthy conversations about money. Jen has published over 400 episodes, offering actionable advice on achieving financial goals. Jen is a relatable and inspiring voice, helping Latinas achieve their financial dreams.


Instagram: @jenhemphill

Twitter: @jenhemphilll

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